S P R I N G .

Tonight I’m thinking about all of the things I can’t wait for as we head into spring.

I think you’ll enjoy my little list of things to look forward to!

1. Gardening!!!  I talk about turning my little sandbox out back into a mini Garden.  We’ll see if it happens.

2. Warming my backside at my bonfire and getting the smell of wood smoke in my hair.

3. Seeing the first flowers and butterflies of spring magically appear.

4. Driving with the windows down.

5. Skipping stones on a calm thawing lake.

6. Breathing in cool rain while under an umbrella, tree, or while laying in bed with the windows open.

7. Evening walks to the park with my girls.

8. Bike rides with my girls to the Snow Cone Shack!

9. Jogging outside!

10. Taking a cool bath while drinking tea.

11. Finding money, lipstick or other treasures in the pockets of shorts, spring clothing, or light jackets from last year.

12. Flip flops! Or bare feet!

13. Sending leaf boats down fast moving river run offs.

14. Snuggling under a big fluffy blanket outside.

15. Spring cleaning, putting away bulky winter coats, boots, etc. Organizing my closet.

16. Watching baby animals everywhere I go.

17. Fog and mist.

18. The smell of cold mud in the mountains as everything is thawing from winter.

19. The feelings of new beginnings, of waking up and seeing the world again through new eyes. Letting the fresh air and spring rain shower off the winter and feeling alive again!


Photos above: Cindy Archer Photography

August 2013



Now look who made for the CUTEST little Lala Loopsey ever!!!  That would be Stella!  I just uploaded my Halloween pictures from October.  I’m always in the same boat…NEVER enough time!  And I would love to be able to share our Halloween here on the blog, but at this point it probably won’t happen.  That’s why I Instagram (you can find me here: simplyusarcher).  But I decided to upload a few pictures of Stella that I took with the big girl camera.  I really need to pick it up more….I miss it!

This so far would have to be my favorite costume out of all the years.  And it seemed to me that Stella was enjoying every minute of it!

Halloween is so much fun!


Stella age 2. as Lala Loopsy



Stella’s Second Birthday

Way back in August we celebrated Stella’s second birthday.  Yes it’s been awhile and now my baby doll is two!  Can’t believe it myself.  We shared a beautiful evening for a beautiful little girl with close friends and loved ones.  It was perfect!  And I’m pretty sure at the end of the day that Stella felt lots of LOVE from everyone.  What more could a little girl want?!  I’m honored to be her Momma.  I’ve never loved birthdays so much until I had my own children.  I’m truly blessed!  Now let the terrible twos begin…


A little bit about Stella at two…

She’s a smart little cookie!  She’s an observer and she picks up all the good and naughty things her sisters do.  She’s incredibly SWEET…she loves her Momma.  But if Grandma is around I’m history.  She has a special place for her Grandma Kathy.  She loves Mac n Cheese, corn, pasta, chicken and EVERYTHING must be dipped in ranch.  She also likes her sweets, especially her own tub of ice cream.  And yes, I just let her go at it!  They are only young once, right?!

She’s extremely girly loves wearing skirts that she can twirl in.  And she is finally letting me put accessories in her hair.  The little bit of hair she has.  We are working on a little bob.  It’s getting closer!  Things she tags along with mostly are defiantly her baby dolls.  She loves to push her baby in her stroller.  And she loves all the little things that her babies come with…little blankets, bottles, diapers, clothes, ect.  She is a GREAT little Momma.  This age is the sweetest, i swear.  She’s always super excited when daddy comes home.  SCREAMS at the top of her lungs, “DADDY!!!”  She loves to go bye-bye.  She’s my little shopping partner.  She tells me when she’s tired.  She always says, “I SO tired Mommy.”  That’s when I know she is ready to lay down.  She can’t fall asleep without me.  It’s a rare occurence when she does it on her own.  We are working on this.

She loves to be read too, and her back tickled.  She loves to be outside and ride her sister’s big wheel or just play with chalk or go to the park.  She loves to swing.  In the summer she LOVES the water, swimming was something she loved or the simple things like running through the sprinklers or playing with the hose.  The simple things.  🙂  That’s what I love about little kids.  It really doesn’t take much to bring them happiness.

I could go on and on.  But really she is such a joy to all of us.  Her smile just melts me.  It’s amazing how fast they change, grow and become such little people.  And like every mom feels….I wish it could all just slow down a little.  But I try really hard to slow myself down so I can enjoy my little girls cause time just keeps on tick in’.


Here are a few photos of her birthday.



first pool photos of the summer.

My girls could live at the pool if I’d let them.  Stella is a maniac to say the least.  She isn’t a runner really, but recently at the pool she goes nuts!  She runs from one pool to the next out of pure excitement and joy.  I’m glad she is enjoying swimming so much, but my eyes literally can’t glance away for a second.  This time Michael was able to go with us because it was a weekend, so I decided to take my big girl camera to try to get some photos of our girls.  Now that Stella is a little bit older, it seems that she will be a little bit easier for me this summer.  Maybe after she goes a few times she hopefully will settle down a little and not feel the need to dash everywhere.  She kind of stole the spot light this time as I seemed to photograph her mostly.  She had so much fun jumping off the ledge and having her daddy catch her.  She did this over and over again and I couldn’t stop taking a photo each time.

We are going to enjoy and LOVE summer!

first pool picts of summer…

DSC_1375a  DSC_1377aDSC_1378aDSC_1383aDSC_1390aDSC_1414aDSC_1418sDSC_1435aDSC_1456aDSC_1461sandDSC_1466aDSC_1488sjpgDSC_1494sandDSC_1470a


I’ve wanting to talk about Kindergarten for quite some time now and well NOW it’s all over!  The year went by so SO fast!  My little girl will be a FIRST grader next year and well you know what that means!  What am I going to do all day without her?  She’s growing up and she is already looking forward to next year (weather I like it or not).  Jo loved Kindergarten!  She loved her teacher.  She loved her classmates.  She loved her friends.  She LOVED doing centers.  She loved speech.  She really just enjoyed learning all the way around.  She hated to miss school and if we were running late a few minutes she would get a little upset with me.

“Mom I’m LATE!  Mom why am I late?!”

I can still hear her now from the back seat.  Luckily that only happened a few times.

She admired her teacher Mrs. Tipton.  I’m pretty sure Cambree could get a long with just about anyone.  Even if it was the most hated teacher in the school she would be the one to still like her.  She’s just that way.  She is one that just likes everyone.  I have a huge stack of the most adorable things that Jo has brought home through the year (I may have to do another post with some of my favorites).  I’m very excited to sift through it and nail it down in a book soon.  Lots of stuff that I want to document.  If you follow me on Instagram you have seen some of it as I have used IG to record her #kindergartendays.

It’s so much fun watching your own kids grow up.  Watching them reach fun milestones.  Even though they aren’t babies anymore there are still a lot of firsts to experience still.  Kindergarten was just that for me.  Watching her learn how to tie her shoes, learn to jump rope, READ A BOOK, memorize our phone numbers and address, learning to ADD MORE and TAKE AWAY.  Everyday after school she was so excited to empty her backpack out with me and show me what she learned that day or show me something that she made.  I don’t want my memory to ever fade, but unfortunately time has a way with fading everything.  That’s where photographs come in handy…they keep things fresh.  And I remember this day so very clear…her first day of Kindergarten.  I can’t wait to pull these photographs out in 12 years from now with her.  This is really just the beginning and I hope she continues to enjoy school and continues to have positive experiences.

First day of Kindergarten.

No tears.  Just happily waved goodbye to me as I dropped her off.


It was fun getting pictures of Jo at random times through the year.  Seeing her physical changes over a period of time is fun to see.  I look forward to keeping up with this tradition with all of my girls.  Starting with Sienna at the end of August as she starts preschool at Learning Dynamics.  Here are just a few all taken with my iphone before or after school.


And my sweet Jo at the end of the year dance festival and last day.


What a great year it has been.


first fishing trip of the year.

My girls love spending time with their Daddy.  One of their favorite past times (when the weather allows it) is going FISHING.  Jo especially enjoys it and from the very very beginning she become a real natural at it.  Sienna just loves being out in nature mostly.  She loves to find rocks or sticks or just play in the sand or water, just whatever is around she can sink her hands into.  Now that Stella is getting a little older she tags along too.  I’d have to say that there is something about Daddy’s and little girls!  Who would have thought we’d have THREE?!  I love watching my girls with their Daddy, it’s a beautiful thing.  I’m so glad that he takes the time to do things like this with them.  Even when it’s just simple things like taking them for ice cream, riding bikes around the neighborhood, or camping out in the living room with a movie and popcorn they really look forward to quality time with Dad and that makes me happy.  We are pretty LUCKY that he is ours!


I just wanted to take a little time and post a few photos from the first fishing trip of 2013 (a few months back).


No fish was caught just good memories.


some little happies via Instagram

Life is once again crazy as usual.

The last time I posted it was freezing in February and well now it’s SPRING!  🙂  Those winter months get the best of me…. I suppose.  And my poor project 52 pretty much went down the drain!  😉  Who am I trying to fool?!  I have high hopes of trying to accomplish the things that I love to do.  For instance, Project 52 that I thought I could easily squeeze in and do.  I mean, how hard is it to take a few pictures a week and post once a week.  Sounds simple, right?!  Well, apparently for me it is not.  I am realizing more and more just how much of my time is devoted to my little family.  I wish I could scramble up more energy, at those times that maybe I could jump on the computer, but either I am completely exhausted or there is something waiting to be done.  I know that I’m not alone when it comes to feeling this way.  Just a part of Motherhood and LIFE.  Trying to balance out all the things that take place and all the things that need to get done during the day can sometimes be a struggle for me.  But, ultimately I do know that my girls have a mom that is present – maybe a little crazy at times, but present… I wouldn’t trade it for the world!  They mean everything to me.  Hopefully with the weather being warmer it will give me the burst of energy that I need.  Vitamin D PLEASE!

The girls seem to be growing by the minute and I may be growing grey hair by the second!  Don’t know what I would do without these little girls in my life.  We truly have so much fun together.  I gathered up some happies from my Instagram feed to share a little glimpse of our lives lately.  They are getting so big!  It boggles my mind.

Stella is 18 months almost 19.  She’s still my little baby.  She doesn’t think she has to talk much with her older siblings doing it for her.  😉  She will say some words:  Momma, Mommy, Dada, ball, bottle, bye bye and both of her sister’s name occasionally, Si Si and Jo Jo.  There are probably a few other things she will say as well.  Her new thing is to hit you to get your attention and she has a way with communicating without verbally communicating.  She’s a silly girl!  She can often seem really calm and quiet to most, but it’s really a cover up.  At home she is FULL of personality!  It’s like someone can just suddenly put a quarter in her and she comes to life!  She’s still very much a Momma’s girl though.  She has me wrapped around her little finger.  Not sure what we do without our little Stella Bell.  She loves being around her sisters.  She wants everything that they have always… trying to keep up and be as BIG as them.  I guess that’s just what siblings do.  But my girls love each other, and it makes me so happy.  I think siblings are one of the greatest gifts we can give our children — I am so grateful they have each other to giggle together, to pester each other, to run around in circles together, to dance, and to hug one another.


Every once in a while I love to take Sienna out for a little one-on-one date.  We drop Cambree off at school and Stella off at Grandma’s and we go grab lunch together or go get our nails painted.  She is in heaven!  And so am I.  One-on-one dates with each kid is so precious, isn’t it?  Sienna is my girly girl, love her.


2013-02-15-15-25-572013-02-27-20-51-542013-02-24-12-24-36 2013-03-04-21-58-02 2013-03-15-13-18-25 2013-03-15-13-15-592013-03-15-14-45-32 2013-03-15-13-54-17 2013-03-15-20-36-53 2013-03-19-09-27-16

We’ve spent a few afternoons at the park when the weather allows us.  Spring here in Utah is always interesting…  one minute it’s warm and beautiful and the next it’s cold and snowy.  Love seeing things starting to bloom though.  On another note, my little Jo Jo LOVES to go grocery shopping and I love taking her.  I’m hoping I can count on her to go for me all the time when she’s sixteen, because I’m not exactly a fan.  Do you think she will?!  Love this little girl so much.  It seems like she rarely does anything wrong.  She’s too good to be true most of the time.

Watching Stella with my grandma is the sweetest thing yet.  I am so lucky that I have this lady in my life.  I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before.  She makes my life SO much richer!  It makes me happy that she looks forward to us coming to her house, even if it’s just the kids for a couple hours.  They bring her so much happiness and the fact that it makes her day — makes mine.  All of my children have gotten to know their Grandma Great really well.  Time is a precious thing, isn’t it?!  These photos speak no words just pure LOVE.



More happies…

Conversations with 4 year olds….are pretty awesome!  Jo tells me the most funny stories and her imagination is pretty amazing!  I can’t believe that Kindergarten will be wrapping up in a couple months.

Baby Stella with her baby dolls… one of my favorite things to lay eyes on.  She sure does love her babies!

Morning Donuts with the girls before gymnastics and LOVE notes that melt my heart…

And one adorable little bunny rabbit…  

2013-03-13-12-32-24 2013-03-21-12-29-00 2013-03-22-13-16-142013-03-20-10-38-16 2013-03-25-13-39-33 2013-03-27-18-28-59

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2013-03-21-15-18-53 2013-03-21-16-58-562013-03-21-14-57-01 2013-03-21-17-06-432013-03-23-13-37-412013-03-27-18-22-56

Easter weekend was absolutely beautiful!  We spent everyday doing fun things… Grandma Kathy had a entire day full of fun games and Easter crafts.  The girls decorated cupcakes and colored eggs and ultimately enjoyed being around all of their cousins the entire weekend.  Sunday morning (Easter morning) the girls were so excited to see what the Easter bunny had left them.  We enjoyed church as a family and spent the rest of Sunday with Grandpa and Grandma Miller for yet another fun Easter egg hunt and dinner.  So much FUN…LOVE my family!

2013-03-31-09-07-152013-03-31-10-27-042013-03-30-16-28-46 2013-03-30-14-58-492013-03-30-16-44-38 2013-03-30-16-25-042013-03-30-17-14-13 2013-03-30-19-05-092013-04-01-18-10-08 2013-03-31-18-44-142013-03-31-18-39-12 2013-03-31-20-10-48

I love how my heart grows for them each and every day — like just when I thought it would burst from too much love. there they go, making me swoon all over again.  Being a momma is so wonderful that way.

lots of happies.  lots and lots of things to be grateful for.