first fishing trip of the year.

My girls love spending time with their Daddy.  One of their favorite past times (when the weather allows it) is going FISHING.  Jo especially enjoys it and from the very very beginning she become a real natural at it.  Sienna just loves being out in nature mostly.  She loves to find rocks or sticks or just play in the sand or water, just whatever is around she can sink her hands into.  Now that Stella is getting a little older she tags along too.  I’d have to say that there is something about Daddy’s and little girls!  Who would have thought we’d have THREE?!  I love watching my girls with their Daddy, it’s a beautiful thing.  I’m so glad that he takes the time to do things like this with them.  Even when it’s just simple things like taking them for ice cream, riding bikes around the neighborhood, or camping out in the living room with a movie and popcorn they really look forward to quality time with Dad and that makes me happy.  We are pretty LUCKY that he is ours!


I just wanted to take a little time and post a few photos from the first fishing trip of 2013 (a few months back).


No fish was caught just good memories.



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