I’ve wanting to talk about Kindergarten for quite some time now and well NOW it’s all over!  The year went by so SO fast!  My little girl will be a FIRST grader next year and well you know what that means!  What am I going to do all day without her?  She’s growing up and she is already looking forward to next year (weather I like it or not).  Jo loved Kindergarten!  She loved her teacher.  She loved her classmates.  She loved her friends.  She LOVED doing centers.  She loved speech.  She really just enjoyed learning all the way around.  She hated to miss school and if we were running late a few minutes she would get a little upset with me.

“Mom I’m LATE!  Mom why am I late?!”

I can still hear her now from the back seat.  Luckily that only happened a few times.

She admired her teacher Mrs. Tipton.  I’m pretty sure Cambree could get a long with just about anyone.  Even if it was the most hated teacher in the school she would be the one to still like her.  She’s just that way.  She is one that just likes everyone.  I have a huge stack of the most adorable things that Jo has brought home through the year (I may have to do another post with some of my favorites).  I’m very excited to sift through it and nail it down in a book soon.  Lots of stuff that I want to document.  If you follow me on Instagram you have seen some of it as I have used IG to record her #kindergartendays.

It’s so much fun watching your own kids grow up.  Watching them reach fun milestones.  Even though they aren’t babies anymore there are still a lot of firsts to experience still.  Kindergarten was just that for me.  Watching her learn how to tie her shoes, learn to jump rope, READ A BOOK, memorize our phone numbers and address, learning to ADD MORE and TAKE AWAY.  Everyday after school she was so excited to empty her backpack out with me and show me what she learned that day or show me something that she made.  I don’t want my memory to ever fade, but unfortunately time has a way with fading everything.  That’s where photographs come in handy…they keep things fresh.  And I remember this day so very clear…her first day of Kindergarten.  I can’t wait to pull these photographs out in 12 years from now with her.  This is really just the beginning and I hope she continues to enjoy school and continues to have positive experiences.

First day of Kindergarten.

No tears.  Just happily waved goodbye to me as I dropped her off.


It was fun getting pictures of Jo at random times through the year.  Seeing her physical changes over a period of time is fun to see.  I look forward to keeping up with this tradition with all of my girls.  Starting with Sienna at the end of August as she starts preschool at Learning Dynamics.  Here are just a few all taken with my iphone before or after school.


And my sweet Jo at the end of the year dance festival and last day.


What a great year it has been.



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