first pool photos of the summer.

My girls could live at the pool if I’d let them.  Stella is a maniac to say the least.  She isn’t a runner really, but recently at the pool she goes nuts!  She runs from one pool to the next out of pure excitement and joy.  I’m glad she is enjoying swimming so much, but my eyes literally can’t glance away for a second.  This time Michael was able to go with us because it was a weekend, so I decided to take my big girl camera to try to get some photos of our girls.  Now that Stella is a little bit older, it seems that she will be a little bit easier for me this summer.  Maybe after she goes a few times she hopefully will settle down a little and not feel the need to dash everywhere.  She kind of stole the spot light this time as I seemed to photograph her mostly.  She had so much fun jumping off the ledge and having her daddy catch her.  She did this over and over again and I couldn’t stop taking a photo each time.

We are going to enjoy and LOVE summer!

first pool picts of summer…

DSC_1375a  DSC_1377aDSC_1378aDSC_1383aDSC_1390aDSC_1414aDSC_1418sDSC_1435aDSC_1456aDSC_1461sandDSC_1466aDSC_1488sjpgDSC_1494sandDSC_1470a


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