S P R I N G .

Tonight I’m thinking about all of the things I can’t wait for as we head into spring.

I think you’ll enjoy my little list of things to look forward to!

1. Gardening!!!  I talk about turning my little sandbox out back into a mini Garden.  We’ll see if it happens.

2. Warming my backside at my bonfire and getting the smell of wood smoke in my hair.

3. Seeing the first flowers and butterflies of spring magically appear.

4. Driving with the windows down.

5. Skipping stones on a calm thawing lake.

6. Breathing in cool rain while under an umbrella, tree, or while laying in bed with the windows open.

7. Evening walks to the park with my girls.

8. Bike rides with my girls to the Snow Cone Shack!

9. Jogging outside!

10. Taking a cool bath while drinking tea.

11. Finding money, lipstick or other treasures in the pockets of shorts, spring clothing, or light jackets from last year.

12. Flip flops! Or bare feet!

13. Sending leaf boats down fast moving river run offs.

14. Snuggling under a big fluffy blanket outside.

15. Spring cleaning, putting away bulky winter coats, boots, etc. Organizing my closet.

16. Watching baby animals everywhere I go.

17. Fog and mist.

18. The smell of cold mud in the mountains as everything is thawing from winter.

19. The feelings of new beginnings, of waking up and seeing the world again through new eyes. Letting the fresh air and spring rain shower off the winter and feeling alive again!


Photos above: Cindy Archer Photography

August 2013



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